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Layover πŸ’₯ The Boy And Me


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Drop Info

Song: The Boy and Me

Artist: Layover

Genre: Rock

Rarity: Uncommon

Behind the Music

🎢 In 2020, during the month of September Layover wrote and recorded a brand new song a day for 30 days. This song is part of that challenge and a fun one at that, with the collaboration of our awesome friend ClÑudio Gomes we walked away with one of the best songs off the album. // About the Band: Layover is a four piece band formed by Alex Bigio, António Solla, David Correia and Rui Nunes. Layover generates a clear, but powerfully melodic sound, and has been described as "An amazingly talented group with the capacity to sway through a wide array of sounds" and "Deliver true emotion by playing from the heart"

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Youtube - youtube.com/channel/UCQ_NnfRwXWMTb8qIAUZP0Bw



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