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Behind the Music 🎢

Channeling a young and eager being living on a space ship that missed the planet he’s never been: his home planet. Then channel switches back to earth in antiquity. This inspirational tale reminds us of the vast differences conscious beings experience in our universe. And offers some introspective thoughts about how we all need the same things, and should question how we can help the collective by sharing the value that we innately have, and our surplus resources.

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Song: Portal Technique

Artist: Ammon the Wind

Genre: Channel Hop

Rarity: Epic

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This genre is Channel Hop, a type of freestyle (not planned/written) connected to Higher Self.

Channeling Higher energy and beings, Channel Hop is a genre of hip hop pioneered by Ammon the Wind where music is channeled/freestyled with the intent of connecting to higher-energies + understanding through higher self. This is the first Channel Hop album on- or off-blockchain.

Expressing myself with freestyle songs has been integral to my development as a rapper, and to my healing. I hope this music is healing for you too. This album is part of an artistic-growth project where I record multiple versions of one song in a loop.

New Technique + Reflective Tiles were recorded end to end, Hug from Doug about 20 min later.

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