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Behind the Music 🎢

All we can be in this life is ourselves. Here’s a big hug from me and my higher self. In this song, I share how I see things in my third, and remind you that you are an integral and loved fractal shard of God! β€œLet’s look at each other as Kin, All my sisters brothers, women and Men, we are all here to do this again.”

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Song: Portal Technique

Artist: Ammon the Wind

Genre: Channel Hop

Rarity: Epic

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This genre is Channel Hop, a type of freestyle (not planned/written) connected to Higher Self.

Channeling Higher energy and beings, Channel Hop is a genre of hip hop pioneered by Ammon the Wind where music is channeled/freestyled with the intent of connecting to higher-energies + understanding through higher self. This is the first Channel Hop album on- or off-blockchain.

Expressing myself with freestyle songs has been integral to my development as a rapper, and to my healing. I hope this music is healing for you too. This album is part of an artistic-growth project where I record multiple versions of one song in a loop.

New Technique + Reflective Tiles were recorded end to end, Hug from Doug about 20 min later.

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