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💰🐋 Whale drop [Promo] Excite Nightlife - Sir Douglas Fresh


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For the finer things in life 🏝️🐋

Get the Mythic-rare Excite Nightlife NFT to match your Aquatic lifestyle

These first promos are limited by mint. We won't have too many Excite Nightlife NFTs floating around.
So we're going unda-da-sea, and offering this limited, non-profit promo drop to those who are living the whale life

We're planning to collectors of other projects with our Music NFTs, and this Whale drop is our first token-whitelisted foray.

To get this drop, You'll need to meet one of these requirements.

🥇 Hold 64 PURPLE tokens
🥇 Hold 10k CAIT tokens
🥇 Hold 100k WAXP tokens
🥇 Hold 1m DUST tokens
🥇 Hold 1b GOLD tokens

🥈 Hold 12 or more cxcmusicnfts NFTs

All NFTs in this collection count towards future drops. 🔌

We've got 6 monthly drops on the schedule, and each artist we work with can opt-in to drop to holders!

💰🎶 Stack cxcmusicnfts NFTs to get all future drops!

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