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Chronamut Pack 💿 7 Random NFTs for $10 🎶


154.56 WAX

Available / Max supply 56 / 88

Sold 32

Drop Info

All songs in this pack are from Chronamut + featured artists, and from his Evolution album.

This is cXc's first multi-NFT drop NFT pack. Purchase this drop, and you'll later be able to open the pack and get your NFTs.

$10 for 7 NFTs

  • 2 free NFTs
  • 5 different songs available, 4 Uncommon, 1 Mythic rarity
  • 2-4% chance to get Mythic each slot, other cards random

Only 88 Available Packs

  • After sold out, pack price doubles

About Chronamut

Hey Guys! The name is Shawn Dall. I am a canadian artist/musician/writer/spiritual teacher. You can find all info on me at http://ShawnDall.com in the about section, as well as my art on that page. Feel free to buy some of my art!
I have been making music since 2003. My styles range from videogame music to ambient, classical, pop, techno, trance, goa, psytrance classic rock and even industrial. Fellow musicians like me are ParagonX9, F-777, WaterFlame, Env, Dj-Nate, B0UNC3, FlashBurn

Chronamut is also a Music NFT pioneer, and we looked to his NFTs when researching our music NFT Standard

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Instagram - instagram.com/chronamut
Twitter- twitter.com/chronamut
Facebook- facebook.com/chronamut

Stream Chronamut on Spotify

Collection Features

💰 Holding cxcmusicnfts collection NFTs whitelists you for free drops monthly. Hold more NFTs for lower mint #s on every drop.

👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 Musicians are direct recipients of all proceeds of our drops, minus 4% collection fee + market fee, all controlled on Smart Contracts.

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