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J-$ee Mentalz - L.A. Confidential Beat Tape πŸ’Ώ PACK 🎁🎢 [Updated]


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PACK of 12

Artist: J-$ee Mentalz
Album: L.A. Confidential Beat Tape
Songs: High Times (Legendary), Route 66 (Epic), El Guapo, Downtown LA, HUH!?
Drop: $20 Pack of 12 Random Song NFTs - 1600 GMT, Friday

This tape takes you on a journey with J-$ee Mentalz out to L.A., recording a beat at each stop.

Step into the story on the NFT's data to behind the music as you travel with J-$ee.

This is cXc.world's first FULL Album drop!!

$20 for 12 NFTs

  • 5 different songs available, 3 Uncommon, 1 Epic rarity (Route 66), 1 Mythic rarity (High Times)
  • 3.3% chance to get Mythic - High Times - each slot
  • 6.6% chance to get Epic - Route 66 - each slot
  • Uncommon are equally random (30%)

This pack has very high chance to deliver both Epic and Legendary in each draw

Limited Print of 12 Packs for $20

  • After the first 12 are sold out, we will NEVER sell this pack again. Super-exclusive!

Note: This is the FIXED drop due to an IPFS error on one of the NFTs. All holders of broken NFT have been sent working copies.


Blend 3 Uncommon + 1 Epic to get Mythic (High Times)

Blend ALL 5 NFTS to get a new 12-NFT pack and collect again!

About J-$ee Mentalz

"If you wanna know anything about me just listen... music is my life." - J-$ee

J-$ee Mentalz and cXc's founder have spent a lot of time in the studio together, making music and just hanging out. We hung out multiple times a week for years, and got to watch eachother grow.

"Working with J-$ee for so long, it's been great to see his music flower and bloom. The quality, arrangement, everything is so far ahead of when we started working together. You'll hear that in this tape." - Douglas (cXc Founder)

Read the First Chapter

El Guapo (Uncommon) - After a long and restless flight, I had finally made it to Los Angeles, California. After I had gathered all my things and got off the plane I still had plenty of time to kill before checking into the airbnb. I decided to get some food and chill at a park I found in the nearby area. I had been messing around with a loop before the trip, but just couldn’t end up with something I liked. I pulled out my laptop and a small keyboard I carry with me... inspiration struck!

I don’t know if it was the new scenery, or just that fact I was outside soaking up the sunshine. The notes practically played themselves as I added the bass, flute, drums...etc. As I nearly completed the beat I quietly thought to myself, β€œI’m so glad I’m here.”

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Collection Features

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🎁🎢 Legendary and Epic get you exclusive drops at random times

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