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Epic BLUX Promo 🖼️🎸 Route 66 - J-$ee Mentalz


0.01 WAX

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Sold 12

A special thanks to our holders!

Get this Epic-rarity collectable for free by holding BLUX tokens

Hold 2,000 BLUX tokens to be whitelisted!

Collection Features

💰 Holding cxcmusicnfts collection NFTs whitelists you for free drops monthly. Hold more NFTs for lower mint #s on every drop.

🎁🎶 High-count holders (+Legendary and Epic holders) get exclusive drops at random times

👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 Musicians are direct recipients of all proceeds of our drops, minus 4% collection fee + market fee, all controlled on Smart Contracts.

About J-$ee Mentalz

"If you wanna know anything about me just listen... music is my life." - J-$ee

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