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[cXc] When My Soul Escapes Away - God Sol One Love 🧞 MVMF Set Promo



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Catch my set at MVMF on the .gems stage at 11pm PST on October 29th, 2021

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Drop Info

Song: When My Soul Escapes Away
Artist: God Sol One Love
Genre: Hip Hop
Mood: Introspective / Uplifting
Rarity: Uncommon

Behind the Music 🎢

What is the thought pattern that breaks us from the system? That brings us back to harmony in our soul’s journey? This song comes as a glass slide looking into my brain as I move through this physical plane, learning my place in the soul’s journey, and the universal plan.

This song is part of God Sol One Love’s conscious hip hop set at MVMF, on the 29th at 11 pm PST on the .gems stage

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