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Hey Vandals!

Did you know that Cyber Vandals has a birthday coming up?!!! We'll turn "1" on Tuesday!!!

How about a celebration?!

To celebrate our birthday, we're gonna have a birthday party! You're invited!

Join us on Saturday, 1/28 @ 11:00am EST at our NFTOPIA booth! That's right, we can all be together again!!!

On Saturday, we'll give away the 3 Person Profile Posters! These will be awarded to three randomly selected pack buyers from our pack drop last week. Also, everyone that attends will be whitelisted for a Cyber Vandals birthday NFT that can be claimed on the 31st, our actual birthday.

But wait, there's more! We've exceeded 100,000 WAX in secondary market sales! This is a major milestone for any NFT project on WAX! We should be super proud! We will celebrate this as well!

How do we celebrate? Well, we all get together at our booth and hang out listen to Tony live stream on Twitch. We'll also have a bountyblok and many games!

Who's ready to cyber-party?!!!

Go Vandals!!!