Possible mint: #364 / 3845

Cyko KO SuperEarth Battle 3000 5-Card Pack


383.63 WAX

Available / Max supply 3482 / 3800

Sold 318

Cyko KO is a trading card series featuring characters and items from the popular comic book series. He's SuperEarth's greatest hero, stunt motorcyclist, pro pinball champion and fanatical cereal eater! There are some rare collections available in this 5-card pack series, all playable at Gnocity.io . Three (3) random bonus Promo Packs are also in the pool. Rarities are weighted below:

Common: 70.22%
Uncommon: 20.81%
Rare: 7.80%
Legendary: 1.04%
Mythical: 0.11%
Rando Bonus Promo Packs: 0.02%