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Golden Whitelist Pass | Chickens Weapons Drop in WAX


1,719.9 WAX

Available / Max supply 110 / 150

Sold 40

Introducing DCYC Weapons! Boost any Class Chickens GOLD earning or send all your Chickens on multiple missions at the click of a button! (Please note, Foxes will begin to receive a % of the Mission Fees when Chickens use weapons!)

When you open a pack there is a chance you will get up to 2 extra NFTs!

There are two drops available. One is in EGG, the other is USD value in WAX. The packs are identical.

āš” Weapon Info āš”

āœ… You can equip each of your Chickens with 1 Weapon

āœ… Weapons can be used with any Class of Chickens

āœ… Weapons can only be used by Uncommon Chickens and above

āš” Uncommon Weapon ~ x1.3 Mining Power*

āš” Rare Weapon ~ x2.1 Mining Power*

āš” Epic Weapon ~ x3.6 Mining Power*

āš” Legendary Weapon ~ x6 Mining Power*

āš” Mythic Weapon ~ x12 Mining Power*

*Chickens Weapons also give many more bonuses, too many to list here, please refer to the whitepaper at:

šŸš€ Jetpack Info šŸš€

šŸš€ Common Jetpack ~ Sends your Chickens on 2 Missions (24hr)

šŸš€ Epic Jet Pack ~ Sends your Chickens on 4 Missions (48hr)

šŸš€ Mythic Jet Pack ~ Sends your Chickens on 8 Missions (96hr)

āš– Pack Odds āš–

āš” Uncommon Weapon ~ 37%

āš” Rare Weapon ~ 22%

āš” Epic Weapon ~ 12%

āš” Legendary Weapon ~ 4%

āš” Mythic Weapon ~ 0.5%

šŸš€ Common Jetpack ~ 14%

šŸš€ Epic Jet Pack ~ 9.5%

šŸš€ Mythic Jet Pack ~ 2%


šŸŽ² Chance of 2 Weapons 10%

šŸŽ² Chance of 3 Weapons 5%

Foxes weapons coming thoon!