Possible mint: #73 / āˆž


Chickens Weapon Pack V2


992.56 WAX

Available / Max supply 207 / 225

Sold 18

General Info

Introducing DCYC Weapons V2! Boost your Chickens GOLD earning! (Please note, Foxes receive a % of the Mission Fees when Chickens use Weapons!)

When you open a pack there is a chance you will get 1 extra Weapon NFT!

Up to 30% of the WAX from this drop will be donated to the DCYC Players Club!


āš” Weapon Info āš”

āœ… You can equip each of your Chickens with 1 Weapon

āœ… Weapons can be used with any Class of Chickens

āœ… Weapons can only be used by Uncommon Chickens and above

āš” Epic Weapon ~ x3.6 Mining Power + 25% less GOLD stolen by Foxes

āš” Legendary Weapon ~ x6 Mining Power + 35% less GOLD stolen by Foxes

āš” Mythic Weapon ~ x12 Mining Power + 50% less GOLD stolen by Foxes


āš– Pack Odds āš–

āš” Epic Weapon ~ 55%

āš” Legendary Weapon ~ 35%

āš” Mythic Weapon ~ 10%


šŸŽ² Chance of 1 extra Weapon 10%


šŸš€ DCYC Players Club šŸš€

The DCYC Players Club will receive donations directly from DCYourChickens drops

The DCYC Players Club will make buy backs on behalf of the community at key times in order to improve the overall in game economy

Bought back EGG will be either 1) Burnt or 2) Donated to members of the DCYC Players Club via Quizzes and Competitions

Members of the DCYC Players Club will take part in decision making of: Buy Backs, Distribution and more

To find out more about the DCYC Players Club and how you can join, please see here.


šŸ’¹ DCYC Players Club Buy Backs šŸ’¹

For this drop the following rules apply:

25% Sold Out = 5% Buy Back

50% Sold Out = 12.5% Buy Back

75% Sold Out = 20% Buy Back

100% Sold Out = 30% Buy Back