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Chickens Weapon Pack V2


12,500 EGG

Available / Max supply 0 / 50

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General Info

DCYC Weapons V2 boost your Chickens GOLD earning! (Please note, Foxes receive a % of the Mission Fees when Chickens use Weapons!)

When you open a pack there is a chance you will get 1 extra Weapon NFT!


āš” Weapon Info āš”

āœ… You can equip each of your Chickens with 1 Weapon

āœ… Weapons can be used with any Class of Chickens

āœ… Weapons can only be used by Uncommon Chickens and above

āš” Epic Weapon ~ x3.6 Mining Power + 25% less GOLD stolen by Foxes

āš” Legendary Weapon ~ x6 Mining Power + 35% less GOLD stolen by Foxes

āš” Mythic Weapon ~ x12 Mining Power + 50% less GOLD stolen by Foxes


āš– Pack Odds āš–

āš” Epic Weapon ~ 55%

āš” Legendary Weapon ~ 35%

āš” Mythic Weapon ~ 10%


šŸŽ² Chance of 1 extra Weapon 10%