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消し Keshi Karen Club2K FREE DROP


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Welcome to 消し Keshi Karen Founders Club2K

Celebrating 2k Twitter followers and the launch of 消し Keshi Karen Drop (A) on 08/04/2022. Collectable and blendable NFT toys exclusive to the wax blockchain.

Limited to 250 Mints
Discord Members will have prioirty on our Whitelist between 21:00hrs and 22:00hrs GMT
The drop will unlock for everyone else at 22:00hrs GMT

消し Keshi Karen Drop (A) - Released 08/04/2022

Collectable and blendable NFT toys
Exclusive to the wax blockchain
Drop (a) = 8 New 消し Keshi Karen NFTs
3 random NFTs Per Pack - $2.99 each

WTF? Welcome to Drawn Company. A very unsuccessful organisation, primarily due to all the employees being very little poorly drawn isometric people. Mundane collectibles for anyone who has worked in (or is familiar with) any work environment. May cause some offence. Proudly founded in January 2022 whilst self isolating to combat boredom.

This is a prmotional NFT and cannot be used to blend epic/legendary NFTs
@FunnyNFTGuy & @popup_nft- Drawn Company - Est. January 2022
Drawn Company - Est. January 2022