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Earth Day Shambles


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As ever, #EarthDay2022 is turned into yet another #DrawnCompany shambles! Thanks to all those who turned up to Karens Sustainability Awareness Workshop - even though you probably didn't learn much? Now who is that touching my leg?

This a FREE Drop for owners of NFTs in the keshi.karen, comp.series2, premium3d, dcx.eighties and comp.series1

This one will be thrown to the Doda at approx. 11pm BST

New To Our Organisation?

Welcome to Drawn Company - the office at the start of the Metaverse. We are mostly a very unsuccessful organisation, primarily due to all the employees being very little poorly drawn isometric people. Our marketing department are a shambles and we clearly have no in house hr capability. We make mundane collectables for anyone who has worked in (or is familiar with) any work environment. May cause some offence. Proudly founded in January 2022 whilst self isolating to combat boredom.

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