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EOTM Clint


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**Employee of the Month Clint! **

Clint is ready to join the Drawn Company EOTM Hall of Fame as the first entrant! More of these on the way for our Senior Managers in the near future - who will be next? EOTM WAX NFTs will be FREE to all Director Sevcices (Influencers) and Senior Managers for 1 Hours before the drop is opened up to Middle Managers.

On e the drop is finished the template will be locked!

Limited to 30 Mints so be quick! Clint has #1

**New To Our Organisation? **

Welcome to Drawn Company - the office at the start of the Metaverse. We are mostly a very unsuccessful organisation, primarily due to all the employees being very little poorly drawn isometric people. Our marketing department are a shambles and we clearly have no in house hr capability. We make mundane collectables for anyone who has worked in (or is familiar with) any work environment. May cause some offence. Proudly founded in January 2022 whilst self isolating to combat boredom.

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