Constructoidz Drop A


69 WAX

Available / Max supply 32 / 50

Sold 18

The snapshot for holders of the Constructoidz #DCCoin NFT will be taken on the 29/07/2022 @ 09:00hrs UTC. Wallets holding the Constructoidz #DCCoin NFT on this time and date will be eligible to receive:

消し Keshi Karen Aracde Machine NFT

Dinosaur Land Aracde Machine NFT

Constructoidz vIRL Sheets

NFTs will be airdropped as soon as the snapshot has been taken (29/07/2022 @ 09:00hrs UTC). You have between 29/07/2022 @ 09:00hrs UTC - 26/08/2022 to claim your Constructoidz vIRLs.

Visit www.drawncompany.com/constructoidz for further information and redemption details.

New To Our Organisation?

Welcome to Drawn Company - the office at the start of the Metaverse. Building on the WAX Blockchain, we have several successful brands including 消し Keshi Karen, Action Figures, DC Arcade and Constructoidz. Since January 2022, the project has grown considerably, minting over 10k NFTs which are in 500+ holders wallets. May cause some offence. Watch out for Karen! You will also receive 2 x Captain Clutterbuck Arcade Machine NFTs (If purcashed before 17th July 2022).