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Arcade In My Pocket (Public Drop)



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Welcome to this Truly Historic Event - For the First Time Ever We Are Doing a Pre-minted Pack Drop

Each Pack Contains 3 x Arcade In My Pocket (Drop 1) NFTs

Who will bag those #1's?

Approx Odds:

Common - Carded: 46% (276 NFTs)
Epic - Sticker: 36% (216 NFTs)
Legendary - Unboxed: 18% (108 NFTs)

Getting Swapping in Our Discord!

Look for #clints-swap-room: https://discord.gg/xEYVew5R6r

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Drawn Company Presents Generation 2 Action Figures - Arcade In My Pocket (Drop 1). Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. No Karens, Barrys or Emilys were harmed during the making of this NFT Collection © 2022 Drawn Company