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Exordium - Public Drop


122.51 WAX

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Congratulations! You are about to go 'Blue' and purchase Karen’s Exordium Executive Reward Card to take advatage of some awesome Exordium Teir 1 Perks in 2023. Why should you have to put in all the hard work when capitalism is alive and well and living in Web 3 (thanks Elon). This template and drop will be locked on 31/12/2022 @ 21hrs UTC.

Exordium (noun) FORMAL - the beginning or introductory part. Welcome to the Team!

**For more information visit our webiste: **


Please note: If you transfer or sell the asset you will immediatly lose all the Exordium Tier 1 Perks

The unlockable content in the NFT is not working - this will be airdropped to holders as a seperate NFT in the near future.

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