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DC X Cinema - Public Drop


24.04 WAX

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Welcome to Drawn Company Studios! Let Karen and the Team take you for a night at the Movies. Each Pack contains 5 x Pre-minted WAXNFTs - Packs Unlock @ 20:15hrs 20/01/2023

Approx Pack Odds (Pre-Minted):

Common - 48%
Rare - 26%
Epic - 19%
Legendary - 5%
Ultimate - 2%

There are a total of 6 awesome blends in this set! Look for the 'Blendable' sticker on our Common, Rare and Epic Action Figures. Check out the reciepes here

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Welcome to the Office at the Start of the Metaverse and our DC X Cinema (Drop 1) Generation 2 Action Figure Collection! Collect, Trade and Blend your way to a complete set. Any resemblance to events/real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental © 2023 Drawn Company

Disclosure: 118 Packs were reserved for OG Exordium Reward Card Holders and Giveaways. We have now added the remaining packs to this drop ready for launch.