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Possible mint: #95 / 100


Management Designate ID Card


Available / Max supply 6 / 100

Sold 94

Welcome to the Office at the Start of the Metaverse

Congratulations employee on joining our Management Designate Programme! Its so good to have you onboard - welcome to the chaos that is Drawn Company...

WTF is this?

The Management Designate ID Card is awareded to our most promising rising stars during 2023. It will give them access to free drops, free packs, a Discord role and not forgetting a % of our drop revenue. To be eligibe to claim this WAXNFT you must either hold 30 of our NFTs OR have a DC inventory value of +$15 (excludes bulk transfers etc.)

Important note: If you think you are elgible to receive this WAXNFT, please join our Discord and get a Moderator to verify your wallet. Exordium Holders (OGs) are not elgible to claim this drop.

More Information:

Please note, the qualifiaction criteria will be reviewed every three months and may change at any time © 2023 Drawn Company