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Series IV - The Final Packs


40 WAX

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Series IV The Revolution Will Be Minted - Only 78 Packs Left

🤣15 x New Funny, Rude, Crude New Classic Panels - Some May Cause Offence/Are Marked NSFW
⚪4 x Collectable (Slabbed) Paper Chads
🎨7 x Cell Art Variants
💌5 x Souvenir Postcards
❤️FREE VIRL Postcards for Any Account Which Buys 4+ Packs

🤖The March of the Dildicons™ Has Begun🤖
Find one of 130 Dildicons™ Mint Passes to blend the hottest new PFP of 2023! Dildicons™ PFPs are 1/1 Pre-minted WAXNFTs and come in three rarities. Official Licensed Product (KUSO Ent. Japan)

🏭Stakeable DC Industries Passes 🏭
Find the WAX Factory Mint Passes to blend one of 140 Employee Passes to put to work in our facility on WAXDAO during Staking Season II 28/04/2023 - 26/06/2023. Earn slightly more WAX than you had yesterday… Tomorrow

This Pack contains 4 x Series IV WAXNFTs!

Approx Pack Odds:

Common - 39%
Rare - 20%
Epic - 16%
Legedary - 8%
Ultimate - 5%
Super Ultimate - 3%

Dildicon Mint Passes are in the Rare and Epic Pools

Drawn Company Series IV: The Revolution Will Be Minted. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Some WAXNFTs in this schema are NSFW. © 2022 Drawn Company - Discolsure: 380 Packs in supply - 91 were Cliamed for free by Holders, 28 were reserved for Promo and 37 were airdropped to those who had already bought from the drop prior to 04/05/23.