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Upgradors 001: Holders Drop


Available / Max supply 0 / 99

Sold 99

Updradors - Enhance Your Armoured Creatures Experience

2 x Upgradors Series 1 (001/010) will be available for free to all holders of 5+ ACFTG PFPs (+ Discord role). The remainder will be used in a limited premium drops, or in some cases, for promotional purposes.

This pack contains a Standard Lionheart (120 mints) with a 50% chance to pull an Upgradors Acc. Pack 001 (60 mints) for use in our Uprdaors Slot Machine.

Dont have 5 x ACFTG PFPs yet? Why the devil not? Find them on Secondary here.

Drawn Company presents: Armoured Creatures from the Garbage - Upgradors Series 1. Get ready to enhance Standard Variant and new Armoured Creatures using consumable accessory packs. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, brands or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental © 2023 Drawn Company