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Continuum Q2 Reward Card


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Continuum is our new quarterly reward programme for our VIPs so that you can access drops and of course get your hands on a Legendary DC Queue Jumper Passes!

The Q2 Continuum Reward Card is available to holders of either*:

āš”ļø 5 x Kar-en the Motion Picture PFP (karentmp.pfp)
šŸ—”ļø 1 x Sword of Power PFP (sop.pfp)
šŸ‘©ā€šŸŽ¤ 1 x Kar-en Goes Pop PFP (karenrmx.pfp)

Due to some gaming of our free drops, we will need to verify your account manually to you obtain access. The mass snapshot takes place @ 22hrs UTC on28/03/2024. It is available until 31/05/2024, please join the Discord if you think you are eligible and not Whitelisted. We also offer a Gold Continuum Card for the hardest of hardcore team members, please message us about elgiblity.

Other Continuum Reward System Improvements

Some of you had access to more than one non-transferable in Q1, this was an epic fail as we were not 100% paying attention. It wont happen again, this drop remains live until 31/05/2024.

Quarterly Reward Cards will now be WAX backed to give you an extra incentive to burn them once they become redundant. This is less about imporvements and more about Karen having a sick sense of humour!

Holding this WAXNFT is the only way to get DC Employee Perks/Rewards throughout Q1 2024! The next Continuum Reward Card will be issued on 28/06/2024. This Reward Card is Non-transferable. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, brands or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental Ā© 2024 Drawn Company

*This excludes mass transfers and refers only to holders who have either purchased directly from a drop, crafted the requirement or purchased from secondary