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Small Genesis Land Drop #2 - VIP


27,355.62 WAX

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This pack is part of the first-ever land drop for Dungeon Worlds. The Small Genesis Land Pack contains 9 Genesis Lands, the most pristine Lands in the realm of Dungeon Worlds, making its owner ready to run a dungeon right off the bat.

The Small Genesis Land Pack #2 holds the Lands with the coordinates between (5,4) and (7,6). The pack itself will be stakeable in Wombat Dungeon Master for a ton of MP, at least until the launch of Dungeon Worlds.

This drop is only available to accounts allowlisted, either because they are Wombat VIP Level 4 or higher, or because they have applied and been granted a spot on the list using this form:

More information about Lands and Dungeon Worlds is available on the Dungeon Worlds website or in the Dungeon Worlds Whitepaper.