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Mega Genesis Land Drop - VIP


261,584.45 WAX

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This drop is part of the first-ever land drop for Dungeon Worlds. The Mega Genesis Land Packs contain a total of 100 Genesis Lands, the most pristine Lands in the realm of Dungeon Worlds, making its owner ready to run a dungeon right off the bat.

You will get 2 Mega Genesis Land Packs which in total contain the Lands with the coordinates between (12,12) and (21,21), each 50 of the Lands. For technical reasons, the entire 10x10 patch has been divided into two packs. DO NOT SELL OR TRADE ANY OF THESE TWO PACKS SEPARATELY! The packs themselves will be stakeable in Wombat Dungeon Master for a ton of MP, at least until the launch of Dungeon Worlds.

This drop is only available to accounts allowlisted, either because they are Wombat VIP Level 4 or higher, or because they have applied and been granted a spot on the list using this form:

More information about Lands and Dungeon Worlds is available on the Dungeon Worlds website or in the Dungeon Worlds Whitepaper.