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Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #14762 / ∞

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Time Spiral Wombatium - Season 0 OG Holders


1,000 WOMBAT

Available / Max supply 0 / 200

Sold 200

The Time Spiral Wombatium allows you to travel back in time, meaning you can blend your Level 5 common items of one set into a level 5 common item of the set before, and maybe others in the future (pun intended).

This drop offers a Thank You discount to all the Season 0 OG Badge holders! Please note: the Badge NFT needs to be in your wallet (not staked or put for sale) in order to be able to claim this drop.

This drop is claimable with WAX-based WOMBAT tokens only (get here)

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