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Possible mint: #961 / ∞

Dungeon Worlds Characters Starter Pack - Wombatchamps Drop


55.82 WAX

Available / Max supply 966 / 1000

Sold 34

This is a drop exclusive to the holders of the wombatchamps NFTs on WAX (the Wombat Warriors).

This pack contains the two Characters you will need to start your journey to the amazing Dungeon Worlds. Enjoy the endless utilities of the Characters inside this pack.

Probabilities of first Character -

Common: 90%
Rare: 9.50%
Epic: 0.50%

Probabilities of second Character -

Common: 90%
Rare: 9.50%
Epic: 0.50%

More information about Lands and Dungeon Worlds is available on the Dungeon Worlds website. (Link: https://wombat.app/dungeon-worlds)