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Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #112 / ∞

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Booster Box Zeta Basic – VIP Drop


450 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 50

Sold 50

This is a drop exclusive to users with Wombat & Dungeon Master VIP level 2 or higher by Monday, April 17th, 12pm UTC. You can become VIP by staking $WOMBAT tokens. Not a VIP yet? Go here to stake.

The Booster Box Zeta Basic contains 12 Zeta Basic Packs. That's a huge chance to get some nice extras into season 9.

Probabilities of Epsilon Basic Pack: Common: 70%, Rare: 26%, Epic: 3.5%, Legendary: 0.99%, Mythic: 0.01%

The Booster Box Zeta Basic has a mining power of 500 in season 9.