Possible mint: #127 / ∞

8Bit Slammers - Series One Pack


100.79 WAX

Available / Max supply 104 / 192

Sold 88

One pack of five animated NFTs from Series One of 8Bit Slammers.
FIVE pack limit per transaction; limit resets after 60 seconds (to give everyone a fair shot)

Each pack contains...

  • 2 guaranteed Commons
  • 2 guaranteed Uncommons
  • A 4:5 chance of pulling a Rare, Epic or Legendary in the last slot.

The packs and NFTs within are mint-on-demand, which means the mint number of your unique assets depends on how many have been opened before yours.
250 Series One packs in total can be minted; 11 are being reserved for holders from our first Roster drop, as well as winners of our discord giveaway.

Featuring Officially Licensed pro wrestlers Psychosis™ and Black Taurus™, courtesy of Masked Republic®
The wrestlers share in all primary and secondary sales of the assets from this series.

Created and animated by Taylor Armstrong.

8Bit Slammers theme song created by John Kiernan.