Possible mint: #3 / ∞

Book of Madness


100 WAX

Available / Max supply 98 / 100

Sold 2

Welcome to the official drop of our Book of madness this Book contains 3 of 5 possible packs these are Blenbable with any of the Sureal Art Promo artwork.

We hope you will be able to create your own authentic Elizabeth Ross Style artwork.

Remember that when you Blend a NFT, you can change the Mint Example >
you have the Sureal Art Promo 1 mint#213 , if you are the first to set this with one of the books you can change this to the mint#1 from the Book of Madness collection.

Remember to go to the Bleends section > https://neftyblocks.com/c/elizabethros/blends to upgrade your books.

Open the packs at: https://neftyblocks.com/c/elizabethros/packs

Join our discord to be informed: https://discord.gg/eRh56KZRug

For more information visit our official website : http://www.erossart.com/book-of-madness.html