Possible mint: #1 / 1

Calavera # 1999


199.1 WAX

Available / Max supply 1 / 1

Sold 0

Calaveras PFP Series from Emporium NFTs. Name your PFP and receive an AR update compatible with iPhone & iPad AR Ready Devices! View your named Calavera in your environment!

Minting a Calavera also creates 1 Rename Reminder NFT that can be used to Blend a 1 of 1 Glitch Variant Calavera NFT collect 5 of these to Blend into a Glitch!
Find Available Glitch Blends here https://neftyblocks.com/c/emporiumnfts/blends

To Rename your Calavera send it to jkdqw.wam with your Personalised Name in the memo, this will allow the NFT PFPs name to be updated with an additional QR code to allow the AR Wall Poster to be viewed on your device.

Adding jkdqw.wam as a friend is a good idea to prevent sending your NFT to the incorrect address for update if using Atomic Hub!

Adobe Aero App Download required to view in AR.