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K-SCOPES® Calaveras Nameless Rookie Dusk Pack Series 1-1000


756.28 WAX

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K-SCOPES® Calaveras Nameless Rookie Dusk Pack 5 Cards / 5 (1 of 1) WAX NFTs Series 1-1000.

5 Random Cards in each pack. Each card is a 1 of 1 print that is signed by Artist NanoNarcAgent and placed in protective sleeves for creation of 5 packs.

This pack also contains 5 digital counterpart NFTs minted on the WAX Blockchain sent via digital delivery.

WAX wallet address required to receive your digital (1of1) Calaveras PFP NFTs this can be created here https://www.mycloudwallet.com/ a QR code is also provided on the Dusk Pack that contains a URL to the account creation site.

Included in this listing:

5 K-SCOPES® Nameless Rookie Series 1-1000 Collectible Trading Cards Signed by NanoNarcAgent in soft and hard sleeves
1 3D printed card stand colors may vary.

5 Calaveras NFTs WAX Blockchain Address Required for digital delivery
5 Rename Reminder NFTs WAX Blockchain Address Required for digital delivery

About this Series:
Calaveras - A.I. generated NFT PFP & Trading Card Series in Collaboration with Artist NanoNarcAgent.

Features of this series include additional free NFT Air Drops of A.I. Generated Music Tracks ,Naming your PFP ,Burn Redemptions like Glitches and AR updates you can view in your environment and by using the K-SCOPES® Collectible Trading Cards

The Rename Reminder NFTs redeemed in this pack can be used to generate an additIonal Glitch NFT Variant from available mints https://neftyblocks.com/c/emporiumnfts/blends