Possible mint: #95 / ∞

Infinity Racers: 5 Car Pack


637.76 WAX

Available / Max supply 471 / 500

Sold 29

Pack Contents: 5 Infinity Racer Car NFT's

Pack Odds:
Common: 45%
Uncommon: 30%
Rare: 22%
Epic: 3%

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Players register their car NFTs to use them in the 3D unity racing game or mobile racing app.
Registered cars have stats like fuel capacity, fuel cost, max fuel etc based on their rarity tier.
Upgrading the car improves its stats - it reduces the fuel cost for racing and increases max fuel capacity.
Cars need fuel to race. Fuel gets used per race and can be refilled with ICE tokens.
In the 3D unity game, players manually control their cars and race against others. The first to finish wins.
In the mobile RNG version, a random winner is determined based on orng.wax RNG. The random winner gets the prize.
The winner of a race gets rewarded with ICE tokens. Winning also refunds the fuel spent on the race. Special NFT drops can be configured for some races as well.
Cars can be deregistered at any time to withdraw them from being used in races.
The core gameplay centers around racing cars in either a 3D or RNG format, managing resources like fuel, and upgrading cars over time to improve their fuel performance.