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EverSmart City: Early Sketches


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Presented by EverSmart Labs, this promotional NFT sets the stage for the upcoming launch of EverSmart City - the groundbreaking IRL Real Estate development project fully integrated with blockchain and tokenized with NFTs. Holding this NFT will qualify you to be whitelisted for the official launch of the EverSmart City Founders NFT coming soon. The snapshot date for the whitelist will be announced in the EverSmart Discord channel. This promo NFT will also evolve into a “staking asset” on a platform to be announced at a later date. Follow the story and stay engaged on our social channels!

EverSmart Labs and our Strategic Partners will continue to provide revolutionary NFTs of celebrity memorabilia, world-renowned comic artists, and many other incredibly rare and unique subject matters that will reshape the way you think about NFTs.

On a personal note, we here at EverSmart Labs would also like to thank NeftyBlocks for making the whitelisting process easy. You all were very helpful, precise in your answers, and encouraging through every step.