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Series Five Promo Pack Drop - Whitelist Sale


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The Series Five Promo Pack is the fifth and final Gen One Promo Pack drop for the upcoming Turn Based Trading Card Game, Faded Monsuta! These promo cards are specifically made for our staking feature(Harvesting) but also act as the Playable Cards during the Beta Phase of the project! The higher the rarity, the more staking power your card will have! Flowers, Joints, Bongs, Zongs, SugarWAX, Crumble, Shatter and Gandalfs, oh my! With 42 NEW Faded Monsuta to collect, Hardcore Monsuta CardSharks will be able to sink their teeth into loads of new Paraphernalia Pals! Will you get your favorite new card or pull the newest Secret Rare?! Only one way to find out; join those who have picked up the mantle of Monsuta CardShark and tear into a pack today!

Pack Odds:

Common - 45%
Uncommon - 30%
Rare - 15.5%
Mythic - 6%
Legendary - 3%
Secret Rare - .5%

(Each pack comes with five cards, including one Guaranteed Rare Slot. This means each pack contains at least one Rare or higher card)