Possible mint: #1 / āˆž



50 WAX

Available / Max supply 10000 / 10000

Sold 0

degens get royalties

šŸ‘‰ HODL to reap royalties
šŸ‘‰ royalites are explained here
šŸ‘‰ floor price increases 10% every 10,000 sold
šŸ‘‰ floor price goes parabolic after 100,000th sold [ line goes up ]

šŸ’” HODL to resell or keep for royalties (no maximum ownership amount)

āš ļø royalties are paid in FREEBEECOINS / 10 day until 100,000th sold then goes parabolic. by buying this smart contract you are buying part of the rights that exclusively allows FREEBEECOIN to use the image we created commercially and you receive royalties