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FREE GIVEAWAY - Gods and Legends x Sublime Sounds


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Whitelist Link will be posted after the pack drop in the Gods and Legends Telegram + Discord channels.

Gods and Legends x Sublime Sounds

💫 Voted top Multi-Utility NFT collection on WAX.
Stake, Game, Blend, Earn, Risk, Collect, Trade, Sell.
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🟡Stake the NFT cards in this pack to earn $GNL, $AETHER and $SSN.
The NFT cards in this Pack earn 10% extra staking rewards for $GNL token.
Starting September 1st: Stake all your Gods and Legends NFT Packs and earn $WAX token.

Collaboration between Gods and Legends & Sublime Sounds.
Sublime, the God of Sound

Only 400 Packs will ever be released
3 Cards per pack
Base: 56%
Rare: 28%
Epic: 10%
Legendary: 4%
Extra Pack: 2%
Upgrade your cards by blending them on our website.

Bonus Reward: All packs opened within 24 hours of the pack drop will receive a Gods and Legends Genie Lamp NFT Airdropped into your WAX wallet.
1 GNL Genie Lamp per pack opened.

Stake your Gods and Legends NFTs on R-Planet and earn $AETHER token

Check out Sublime Sounds, voted best NFT music collection on WAX.
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