Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #565 / ∞


VIP DROP | Santa Claus Packs | Use in GNL Play to Earn Tower Defense Game


159.23 WAX

Available / Max supply 140 / 150

Sold 10

For Public Drop go to:

🟡Stake the cards in this pack to earn $GNL + other tokens on WAX.
🎮Use the cards in this pack in Warsaken and Gods and Legends upcoming Play to Earn TD Game.

Inspired by Santa Claus, the father of christmas.

  • 3 Cards

  • Only 850 Packs will ever be released.

  • Base Card is removed from the third slot, so you cannot get 3 base cards

  • Base: 56%

  • Rare: 28%

  • Epic: 10%

  • Legendary: 4%

  • Extra Pack: 2%

Blending is open for all cards, up to divine.

All Gods and Legends cards will be usable in Warsaken

🔥Use your NFTs in our upcoming TD Play to Earn game developed by PlayZilla, on WAX.

This drop is only for Gods and Legends VIP members. To join the VIP group you must own 3 Divine Gods and Legends cards or 3000+ WAX in the Gods and Legends collection. Private message any admin on telegram or discord to join if you meet the requirments.

For Public Drop go to: