Possible mint: #30 / ∞




5,951.99 WAX

Available / Max supply 6 / 30

Sold 24

GOLDEN HILLS is a play-to-earn game, created on the WAX blockchain. This is a place where you can earn game coin and resources to create your unique character with a set of items and take part in tournaments with a prize pool in WAX

In Golden Hills will be available 60 Lands. In each land players will be able to place 125 staking NFT cards of any rarity. Owner of the land will receive 10% of all cards placed on it and 15% drop chance on box with resources.

Land owner become the owner of a unique Avatar for your character "Land Owner" - The rarest and strongest avatar in GoldenHills

More info:
Website - https://goldenhills.io/
GoldenHills Collection - https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/goldenhills
WhitePaper - https://golden-hills.gitbook.io/golden-hills-whitepaper/
Discord - https://discord.gg/HmKFE2q6kn
Twitter - https://twitter.com/G0LDENHILLS
Telegram -https://t.me/GoldenHills_official