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Buy Me a Coffee (But You Get the NFT)


86.66 WAX

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Sold 20

Thanks for being a supporter of my work!

Please consider buying a book (coming soon!) in lieu of a donation. Having higher sales numbers and reviews on a self published work will help my efforts to bring common-sense cryptocurrency knowledge to the wider public. Once the book is available, I'll add a link to this drop.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee (donation), you can use the drop controls and claim your animated GOO BROO NFT. Direct WAX tips are always appreciated at googoonsgen1 as well!

Thanks for being awesome! I'm just a solo dev trying to make sense of this new financial frontier and maybe share a little of what I learn along the way with others.

The NFT in this drop is non-transferrable since I'm not trying to create a secondary market for these. It's a mark of my appreciation for YOU not something to resell. If you get tired of looking at it though, you can burn it!

The only information I get from this transaction is the wallet id so if you'd like a personal thank you for your generosity, please DM or @ me on Twitter @Tantilloon. You can, of course, remain anonymous. Thanks!