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Hemp Way Foods Tree of Life Token


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Hemp Way Foods Tree of Life Token

"Limited edition NFT by Female Owned and Operated Hemp Food Company to pioneer self financing for national distribution. "

Press Release

*Faced with the tough decision on how to further expand her business, Chef Carla Boyd decided to stand out by releasing the first ever Hemp Food NFT series. Hemp Way Foods proudly marks history as the first ever Hemp Food NFT by releasing a fan-favorite recipe, Hemp Hummus, debuting to the public, hours before several food companies intend to launch their own NFTs at ExpoWest.

Initially, she and her team hoped the combination of NFTs and using the platform Kickstarter would be just the dynamic combination Hemp Way Foods needed to take their company into a national distribution expansion. Unfortunately, in direct response to Kickstarter not allowing NFTs on their platform, Chef Carla Boyd and her team had to regroup and reorganize their funding plans. The answer was almost immediately clear; Kick Kickstarter to the curb to focus solely on decentralized funding options via an NFT series, hosted on the Wax Blockchain.*

Support Hemp Way Foods, women run businesses and clean eating with this innovative Web3 fundraising opportunity.

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