Possible mint: #93 / ∞

Horizon Factory


40 WAX

Available / Max supply 78 / 100

Sold 22

Horizon Factory
Token Gain Power: 100

Destrillars, Quachees and Horizon Factories are generating HRZN Tokens daily. Horizoners are holding NFTs into their Atomichub inventory, HRZN tokens will be dropped into their wallet weekly (Automaticly), but Horizoners NEED TO VERIFY their wam adress via our Weekly Verification page;

About Verification: You need to verify your wam adress once in a week for getting HRZN Tokens; otherwise you can't join HRZN Token drops. Write wam adress and click verify via;
Weekly Verification http://horizonverification.epizy.com/verification.html

HRZN rate for Horizon Factory NFT Holders

Value of 2.5% of NFT Price (Monthly) - There are Total 2 Token Drops in one month - 1.25% NFT's Neftyblocks price will be shared to holders at each Drop.

2x Total Token Drop in one month. Holders will receive 1.25% of NFT's Neftyblocks Drop Price at each Token Drop.
You will receive 2.5% NFT Price in one month.

You don't spend lots of time on Smart Contract actions in Horizon Blocks.

In these Horizon Collections, We mainly focused auto-progressing. Horizoners are just holding Horizon Blocks NFTs and they are getting HRZN Token from horizonblock.

You can check HRZN Transaction logs on WAX BLOKS Logs

You can buy, sell and stake HRZN tokens on Alcor Exchange

Horizon Blocks Social Accounts

Horizon Collectibles http://horizoncollectibles.epizy.com

Horizon Mainnet http://horizonmainnet.epizy.com

Horizon Blocks Whitepaper(Gitbook) https://horizon-blocks.gitbook.io/horizon-blocks/

Horizon Blocks Medium https://horizonblocks.medium.com

Horizon Blocks Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKcbIePHendQ2zOwCmPzaQ

Horizon Blocks Twitter: twitter.com/horizonblockss

Horizon Blocks Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/UhPmm3KEyb

HORIZON BLOCKS Blends (CRAFTING NFTS) : https://neftyblocks.com/c/horiznblocks/blends