Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #15 / ∞


Genesis Activator 3


45,000 BLU

Available / Max supply 33 / 33

Sold 0

This drop is to help collectors Activate Genesis.

You are required to hold AT LEAST 3 Genesis NFTs in your wallet to participate in this drop.

Genesis NFT The Genesis NFT Series is designed to to add a layer of interaction not usually found in Fine Art.

Here's how the Blending Options work:
Genesis Consists of
9 BASE Cards
3 Activator Cards
1 Special Insert
1 Static Genesis
1 Activated Genesis

1.) Collect the Base NFTs 1 through 9
2.) Collect 1 Jumbie Coin
3.) Blend the Base 9 + 1 Jumbie Coin to get the Static Genesis NFT in it's original form (Limited Mints) Upgrading to The Genesis Portal (Limited Mints)
4.) Collect The Static Genesis NFT
5.) Collect the 3 Activator Genesis NFTs
6.) Blend the Static Genesis + 3 Activator NFTs to create the 'Activated Genesis'

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