Possible mint: #6 / ∞


Post Position #18 Tawny Port Jumbie Art Derby 148


25.51 WAX

Available / Max supply ∞ / ∞

Sold 3

In order to win the Jumbie Art Derby, you must purchase a ticket before sales close.

As soon as the race has officially declared a winner, the winning blends will be added so that the winning tickets can be redeemed for their corresponding prize.

Losing tickets can be kept as keepsakes or burnt to reclaim the 1 WAX that has been Backed to the NFT in an effort to reduce digital waste.

The winning ticket is then blended into the Grand Prize, which consists of the Jumbie Art Derby Masterpiece plus 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

A second place finish, or "Show" ticket will be blendable into the 2nd Place Prize

A third place finish, or "Place" ticket will be blendable into the 3rd Place Prize

How to Play: Below is the link to the "Betting Window" which is a list of NFT Drops used to play.

There are 20 Horses racing in the BIG Race on Saturday May 7th: Place your bet on who will win by purchasing the corresponding NFT 'ticket' with this link

Each NFT 'ticket' will be backed with 1 WAX to reduce losing ticket waste.

When the race is Officially Declared, the winning ticket blends will become available
Betting Window
Winner Redemption

Not responsible for lost or stolen tickets
Play at your own risk!