PRE-MINTED Wonderland Puzzle Pack ++


25 WAX

Available / Max supply 29 / 50

Sold 21

50 PRE-MINTED Packs Available
All MINT# 1-3

The Wonderland Masterpiece is NOT available to draw from packs. You'll have to complete the puzzle for that!

The Wonderland Puzzle is broken up into 18 pieces. Each puzzle piece has a matching fit. Blend both together to activate that section of the puzzle. Blend all 9 sections of the puzzle together to create the Wonderland Masterpiece!

Contents of this pack can be staked to earn 🌈⚡️$RGBits ⚡️⚡️⚡️https://waxdao.io/farm/rgbits

Various Ways to earn $GROTONs: Very Limited *
1:) Stake $RGBITS here: https://waxdao.io/pool/grotons and earn GROTONs Hourly
2:) Stake Liquid Token $WAXGROT here: https://waxdao.io/pool/liquidgroton and earn GROTONs Hourly
3:) Stake Liquid Token $WAXRGBI here: https://waxdao.io/pool/waxrgbi and earn GROTONs Hourly
4:) Stake on TACO Exchange: https://swap.tacocrypto.io/meal
4a:) https://swap.tacocrypto.io/salsa

Mint on Demand Packs

*Limit 7 per week per account.