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Wonderland Puzzle Pack ++ Bonus Jumbie Coin



Available / Max supply 980 / 999

Sold 19

The Wonderland Puzzle is broken up into 18 pieces.
Each puzzle piece has a matching fit.
Blend both together to activate that section of the puzzle.
Blend all 9 sections of the puzzle together to create the Wonderland Masterpiece!

Contents of this pack can be staked to earn 🌈⚡️$RGBits ⚡️⚡️⚡️https://waxdao.io/farm/rgbits

Various Ways to earn $GROTONs: Very Limited *
1:) Stake $RGBITS here: https://waxdao.io/pool/grotons and earn GROTONs Hourly
2:) Stake Liquid Token $WAXGROT here: https://waxdao.io/pool/liquidgroton and earn GROTONs Hourly
3:) Stake Liquid Token $WAXRGBI here: https://waxdao.io/pool/waxrgbi and earn GROTONs Hourly
4:) Stake on TACO Exchange: https://swap.tacocrypto.io/meal
4a:) https://swap.tacocrypto.io/salsa

PRE-MINTED Wonderland Packs Only 50 Available!