Possible mint: #403 / ∞


Jumbie Smart Art © Stake for WAX


11.1 WAX

Available / Max supply 53 / 100

Sold 47

Jumbie Smart Art © is a system of NFTs designed to share the success of all things Jumbie WAX Art with all of our collectors!

How it works: A percentage of all Jumbie Art NFT drops, collection fees, LIVE Event NFT Sales + more, get added to the respective staking pools to increase their value over time and as popularity in the collection continues to grow.

Smart Art NFTS are able to be staked at WAXDAO.io which was created by Mike D Crypto
Quartz Pool
Citrine Pool
Sapphire Pool

Smart Art Drops will be limited to hold the value of each NFT!

The Smart Art Staking Pools will run until the end of the year with future extensions to be added.

Original Jumbie Art Series 1 NFTs will be used to blend into the Jumbie Smart Art © NFTs that are able to be staked.

Income generated will be sent to a seperate WAX account where it will be split amongst the staking pools.