Possible mint: #23 / ∞

Sephirah: Hod (Glory)


3.33 WAX

Available / Max supply ∞ / ∞

Sold 21

Cooldown will reset every 9 weeks.

First Upgrade:
Upgrading the Tree of Life: Beginning
+Sephirah: Malkuth +Jumbie Coin

Second Upgrade

Some future upgrades will collaborate with other artists to help the roots of the Tree of Life grow through the blockchain!

Plant your Upgraded Tree of Life to generate RGBits/HR

Each week, a Sephirah will be released that will be used to craft the next branch in the Tree of Life along with the knowledge that is held within it.

Each Upgrade will grow the Tree's strength and ability to generate RGBits / HR

When the Tree of Life reaches it's maximum size, it will bear the fruit of knowledge in the form of a Growth Pack.

Upgrading to the Spectral Tree of Life:

Each Sephirah of a Full Grown Tree of Life can be Activated with RGBits to generate a small amount of GROTON per Hour while also increasing RGBits per Hour

Tree of Life Irrigation System:

The Tree of Life WAX Farm is part of the Jumbie Art Sharing Contract which will add a % of WAX generated by the entire Jumbie Art NFT Ecosystem that will grow for 9 weeks.

These NFTs aren't just collectibles; they're keys to a universe of knowledge. Unlock the secrets of the Tree of Life as we delve into the interconnected web of existence and spirituality, where every NFT serves as a window into the divine emanations.

But the journey doesn't end with collection. Engage in the alchemy of blends, where the fusion of NFTs echoes the synthesis of divine attributes. Witness as the Sephiroth converge, creating new, enriched NFTs that deepen your understanding of the Tree of Life.

Join us on this immersive voyage, where art meets education, and NFTs become pathways to wisdom. Explore, collect, blend, and embark on an unforgettable odyssey through the mystical realms of the Tree of Life.

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