Possible mint: #4 / ∞

K-Scopes™ - OMNI Card Redemption & Claim Coin


488.6 WAX

Available / Max supply 97 / 98

Sold 1

Recieve 5 OMNI Card NFT Skins once the physical shipment is made
Redeem your Claimed Redemption NFT for a 1 OF 1 NFT Skin

New from The Kaleidoscope NFT Series. K-SCOPES™ OMNI Card.

Augmented Reality Collectible Trading Card with a multitude of possibilities. Ranging from AR sculptures,moving images,animations & music!

It's a multimedia dream come true!

Upgrade this physical card with a plethora of Augmented Reality NFT Skin overlays!

These first 100 OMNI Cards are all signed by Tim Avalos AKA NanoNarcAgent the creator of The Kaleidoscope NFT Series Collection!

Features include Superblends that will allow random OMNI Card Variant unlocks from existing NFTs in our collection of burnable NFTs.

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